The Divine Quest - Daily Entries

.. it is a matter of spirit, intuitively intelligent energy ~ For it is when humanity learns to live by a heart of love & light, that is when instructions on pieces of paper are no longer relevant or needed.

The Divine Quest - Daily Entries
Divine Quest calendar - Starting on April 8, 2024

This is my daily log as I'm going through the Divine Quest as guided by Dr Alberto Villoldo (Biography) of the Four Winds Society. His guidance is based on the ancient wisdom of the Amazon and Andes.

Personally, the world we have created, while showing some advancements, is mostly lost in the hallucinations of a mind (ego) that will never know everything, for it cannot. Science & Technology, while wondrous to a point, is based on a linear, digital subset of reality and it all to often lacks compassion and empathy esp. when appeasing shareholders is more imporant. Why? Because connection with Nature has been lost.

Reality is analog, not digital … it is a matter of what we call spirit, intuitively intelligent energy ~

True humanity is living by the inner soul & heart & spirit ≈ our true being, focus on connection with Source and dynamic transformation.

For it is when humanity learns to live by a heart of love & light, that is when instructions on pieces of paper are no longer relevant or needed. That is what we need to aspire to, not technological singularity.

And it is at this point of being properly grounded that technology will find its rightful place.

Day 1

Remember my Purpose

(why I came to this life on Earth)

Day 2

The Jaguar[1]

» be fearless and overcome with Love

Day 3

The Ancient

» open my heart to Spirit guidance

Day 4

The Serpent

» accept wisdom while letting go of shame
(Reference: Garden of Eden, the fruit of knowledge …)

Day 5

The Mystical Shaman

  • maintain balance & harmony of Creation
  • shamans had the job of future tracking, for when they lost track of the buffalo or the fish, they were no longer of use to the tribe
  1. awaken the Mystical Shaman within, mediate between the invisible & the visible world
  2. consciously participate in our evolution

Fire Ceremony
» breathe my fear and reluctance into the death arrow, let it burn and let it go!

It is time to participate in the evolution of my world.

Day 6

The Sourcerer

The one who misuses power to do harm to self and others

Here we are called to do shadow work, necessary very likely because of trauma that we've caused in a past life. The reason for the misuse of power can be any combination of:

  • previous lifetime in which I suffered much
  • previous lifetime in which I had great power and misused and abused it
  • previous lifetime in which I used great power to heal and it still turned out wrong
  • The Western approach is prayer
  • The Eastern approch is meditation
  • The Shamanic approach is journeying

Start by resetting your parasympathetic nervous system with 4sec inhale, 6sec exhale ~

.. now take a journey into your Underworld …

Day 7

Soul Retrieval

Recovery from deep trauma - this is sometimes more our perception, response and resistance to the moment than the event itself. In converse, there are events that leave us feeling broken, and such events need to be healed for us to feel whole again and be able to move on and live our potential …

Today, loss of soul is collective …

This is the result of ancient, old wounds, whether it came from a past life or from childhood. Trauma must be visited, healed with love and thus transmuted into wholesomeness.

» Start by resetting your parasympathetic nervous system with 4sec inhale, 6sec exhale ~
» Travel into your inner garden and discover which flora is withering … heal that plant in your garden

Day 8

The Time Master

The Great Mother —Primordial Feminine: Gaia, Pachamama

When young and immature, life is seen to flow in the rivers of linear time, like an arrow. When under the power of time, we are products of our past aka product of our genetic dispositions.

It is possible to transcend this paradigm by dreaming our desired world into being: visualize the desired outcome, then accept it and let your life gently flow towards it.

This also includes epigenetics

A mind trapped in the past cannot be present
~ and will not evolve

Explore Munay-Ki, the acceptance of loving stewardship over this planet that has transcended fear and destruction.

In short, be inspired, then learn and practice how to summon a desireable future that I want to experience which affects me and family and friends. All benefit!

Day 9

The Witness

This card could also be termed the observer. It serves as a reminder that I don't need to engage in every little drama in life in hopes of fixing it. Many things in the periphery will take care of themselves, for better or for worse for this is Life.

This card may be a wonderful reminder to slow down, take time to ground myself and just be.

Just be

  • taking a stroll in Nature
  • sitting in park perhaps by a pond and be still and observe
  • make an effort to still emotions and monkey mind dynamics be purposely settling down somewhere, make myself comfortable, and meditate

Truth emerges organically, knowledge can make itself known sometimes without effort

Balance doing and being, thus engage appropriately

Day 10

The Luminous Warrior

Shamanic Traditions are based on the Primordial Feminine

  • the Cosmic Womb
  • Pachamama (see also 15 Monday)

The true warrior has no enemies but more importantly, has no need to create enemies.

This card is an invitation to delve into deep, inner healing, which is necessary if one is going to bring healing and joy and beauty into this world.

  • healing resolves projection
  • transform fear into compassion ~ munay

Fear collapses our world and disempowers us.

Transformation occurs with forgiveness (pain) & gratitude (lesson learned)

Things happen for me, not to me ~ in order that I may grow

» transform toxic emotions by forgiveness
» transform toxic emotions by gratitude

Thus is the transmutation of fear into love

Love is invited in through gratitude resulting in fear fading until it's completely vanished just like light displaces darkeness.

Day 11

Stand Still

Enter the quiet place within where I can once again be unified with All manifest creation.

David Bohm: Implicate Order[2]

Tao: .. the totality of existence, the oneness from which all things flow …

Simple correlation of Implicate order and the Tao by GeminiAI:

Wholeness: Both emphasize an undivided wholeness as the ground of existence. In Bohm's theory, the Implicate Order is the underlying reality that enfolds everything. Similarly, the Tao in Taoism represents the totality of existence, the oneness from which all things flow.
Interconnectedness: Both ideas suggest that everything is interconnected. In the Implicate Order, even seemingly separate objects are enfolded together. The Tao highlights the interdependent nature of all things, where opposites are seen as two aspects of the same whole.
Unfolding: The Implicate Order can be understood as folded or enfolded, containing the potential for everything that unfolds in the explicate order (our everyday reality). The Tao Te Ching uses the metaphor of the Tao giving birth to all things, suggesting a process of unfolding from a unified source.
Bohm himself acknowledged the connection between his ideas and Eastern philosophies. He saw the Implicate Order as a way to bridge the gap between science and spirituality, offering a scientific framework that resonates with ancient wisdom traditions like Taoism.

In Shaman tradition, through 'standing still', one may then, without moving, step through the gateway that leads to the formless to be reunited with our tribe …

In order to stand still, just be, no monkey-mind

Day 12

The Child

.. return to innocence …

BEFORE we were filled with information through school and now mass internet content, we saw the world without preconceived ideas, without expectation of certain outcomes, without judgments and beliefs. Everything was new and wondrous and registered in the soul at the gratitude level.

How does one, after having seen so much with each decade, once again experience the innocence and wonderment of one's youth?

Here is where the dreaming into being comes in … visualize the world the way you want to experience it while taking inventory of the good that's already there, and lift up the rest ~

Day 13

The Wild Woman

When Alberto spoke about Western society and its masculine energy base, I couldn't help but think about how women and their natural energies were usurped throughout the centuries. While these are two different subjects they are intertwined, a journal on its own but on another day.

Anyone with life experience and an open heart will understand that both masculine and feminine energies are necessary for holistic and healthy living, even if varying balances are required in different situations, it's never just one at the expense of the other.

Much of esp. Western society is off-balance with its focus on the masculine: linear, logical thought, and all its endeavors to create a digital world that can be understood through science and made convenient through technology. The Universe is analog … remember Implicate Order?

So when you've woken up and realized that the rigid and static (boring?) yet masculine energy could use so envigorating back to life, it's time to invoke the feminine, think of possibilities, venture beyond what's comfortable, explore ~ thrive!

Fire Ceremony
» breathe any hindrances into the death arrow, let those things go and embrace the part of you that's been shut up for too long!

Day 14

The Beloved

Embracing the Munay, embody love ~ connection with the Primordial Source of Life.

Remember that love make us whole, it dispells darkness and fear, love heals, forgives, believes, …

Fire Ceremony
» breathe any hindrances into the life arrow, let go and welcome in love from a fire we know not on earth! Allow your heart to be made whole again.

Day 15

The Hummingbird

.. travels every year from Brazil as far as Canada! They embark on their great journey by listening to their calling.

To the ancient South Americans, the hummingbird was the symbol of the epic journey and the courageous energy needed to break free from the cycle of the small victim, the slave …

Step out of the milieu in which you feel stuck, spread your wings and begin your journey. The reward for such courage is the Nectar of Life: the energy which we need to live the sacred, epic experience this life can be.


Pull back from the hectic hustle of vulgar existence with its fight or flight vascillations ~ fear. It is by choice that detach from digital interferences in favor of becoming whole by connecting with the real, analog world and break out of the slaves vs. masters paradigm and become sages.

Craft my Destiny - transcend milieu

Threads of Destiny

  • Love
  • Health
  • Endeavor
  • Geography

Pick one thread, the future track it to the drum beat.
Allow imagination to explore, dream of the possible (exclude neurotic tangents), no matter how improbable. Let this spirit journey raise your vibration with Love & Faith, to conjure the future of the possible!

Day 16

The Vision Quest

This may be a good, weekly practice to stay grounded on one's raison d'être rather than derailed by everyday drama and other interfering energies.

Humanity's vision is broken to some extent as its relationship with Nature is more akin to that of a parasite, than harmonious symbiosis. Think CO2 and microplastics versus Native Indian gratitude and reverence for Nature's bounty.

Part of the fabric of each soul is to evolve so as to inspire others. As such, in the past, a shaman would venture into Nature to call upon and draw from its power to fulfill the purpose of the sacred journey of life:

  • Summon courage
  • Purify ~ fasting
  • Offerings to the Primordial Mother
  • Intention ~ Universe responds with support

The white man historically always came empty-handed, only to take.

When approaching the Divine Mother: "I do not come empty-handed, but come with Love from my heart."

I am part of a much larger vision, a sacred dream, something that I am part of, to dream into Being. Let the Great Mother reveal the Great Dream.

Day 17

The Seer

.. the man or woman who is willing to look deeply at him/herself in the mirror. This delves into both discovery of the depths of self as much as learning to see the invisible world. When on considers the limitations of the visible light spectrum as well as dark energy/matter, we do not see the full picture with our sense, ever.

When looking at my true inner nature, decide what will have power and be expressed. This practice also unlocks the ability to see others more clearly.

Focus on possibilities over probabilities.

Breathing practice, awareness and intention will help letting the real spirit within emerge, replacing the conditioned, programmed, impressionable self.

Replace the current social trance.

Once the vision of my desired threads of destiny becomes clear, imagine what it would feel like and let that feeling become an anchor in your body: warmth, radiance, enthusiasm, anticipation, excitement, …

This vision isn't meant to be just in your head but must be anchored in the heart and body.

Both slave and master are trapped. It's the sage who breaks free by answering the sacred call, free from the grip of fate, now part of the flow of destiny.

Fire Ceremony
» Blow my predetermined fate into the death arrow and let it go in the flames. It will never hold me back again!

Day 18

The Earthkeeper

.. represents the whole philosophical and practical vision of the ancient way: stewardship of the planet. This includes the tending of one's inner and outer gardens.

There are multiple kingdoms at various levels that represent Life: communities.

One such community, for example, is that of the microorganisms living in our GI tract. If treated inappropriately, the entire, larger organism dysfunctions.

As we find our way back to our Mother, Pachamama, our mental & physical health is slowly restored, leaving toxicity behind.

As the fate of the Earth goes,
so goes our fate.

Day 19

The Tree of Life

Symbolic of past ~ roots, present ~ trunk, future ~ branches

Consider the potential in a single, tiny seed …

Day 20

Completion ~ Ouroborus ~ Sed Am Ra

Many Western cultures depict the Divine as masculine while indigenous people around the world understood that it is the Divine Mother who is the Source of All.

What do we need to come to full circle and be complete? Unfinished business brings with it disruptive energies — we need closure, not just before death, but even at the close of e.g. the current year.

Serpent symbolizes life force ~ Primordial Ka, Qi
(this leads to one path of completion)

Are there any elements in our internal map that, because of vulgar world beliefs, cause us disharmony or worse?

Are there any old, inappropriate maps that can be thrown into the fire (fire ceremony » death arrow) to provide closure?

Remember: Our world view creates worlds.

Day 21

The Eagle

.. knows no obstacles, simply flies higher, power unbridled … one of four archetypes

  • Serpent - life force, shed the past
  • Jaguar - journeys through fear to love
  • Hummingbird - answers the call of the spirit to undertake the epic journey
  • Eagle - transform adversity into opportunities for the good of all

.. understands the big picture, from the mouse in the field to the curvature of the eath …

Eagle medicine puts the cart way in front of the horse, looking at the possibilities before the probabilities.

.. power must be tempered by the feminine

The eagle transcends the ordinary drama of the world —can choose to engage to aid some and nurture, then returns to soar above the ordinary.

Fire Ceremony
» release and burn those things that would keep me from spreading my wings so that I may soar ~


The way of the Shaman is a true, honest path where one heals one's own inner hurt, emotions, past events, harmful & false beliefs and any other interfering energies.

The more one matures along this path, the more inspiration can be shared where together we can create the kind of wholesome world that all kingdoms[3] (crystal, plant, animal, human, …) can thrive in.

  1. Subtitles indicate cards from the Four Winds, tarot type, card deck ↩︎

  2. Wholeness and the Implicate Order ↩︎

  3. Baliey, Alice A., Treatise in White Magic, 1934 ↩︎

Final sentiments

I am not benefitting from The Four Winds society, or Suresh Ramaswamy or anyone else.

Instead, my hope is that you read something here that will touch your heart to the point of curiosity, engagement & transmutation.

This world and its people will never evolve or make terra firma and our life experience a better place if its inhabitants don't learn to focus on their inner being …

World leaders can barely manage ethics, yet what society needs at minimum is moral behavior for order and connectedness with ALL Life and ALL of Exisistence in order to open up human potential.