Find Inner Tranquility by listening to the Universe

Find Inner Tranquility by listening to the Universe
Immensely vast, and unimaginably beautiful …

It's Sunday morning and I've got a number of projects to get done. I've found that I get anxious sometimes, for some reason, when needing to get things done … maybe because I have too many items on my list for the day or because so much is riding on spending time wisely.

In any case, I've found that anxious energy internally is a form of an energetic interference pattern that wells up like static electricity, only to slow me down from actual progress while activating the monkey-mind which, in its dysfunctional way of wanting to fix or protect, looks for random outlets for release. Question is, what caused the monkey mind in so many people in the first place?!

A very simple analysis results in the theory that our human-made society with its overabundance of artificial and synthetic energies, noise, pollution, emotional trauma, multitude of toxins & carcinogens and any other unnatural forces that place demand upon the human soul and body are the cause for the tears in the multi-level β€”corporeal, energetic, emotional, mental, spiritual bodyβ€” fabrics of Life.

Well, what works for me, one approach, is to diffuse such energy and let it dissipate by listening to the expansive sounds that, after seeing videos like the one shown below, I equate to the vast expanse we vaguely know as the Universe. The visualization of me within that vast expanse has the effect of all energies that are not me to dissolve.

This will not make intellectual sense.

It is something you can only experience if you simply listen which in effect puts your incessant intellect/monkey-mind aside and allows your spirit/soul just be in the moment and maybe even remember, even if only by a brief incling of a feeling of a memory, from whence you've come …

It's another way of saying that once awareness of damaging energies arises, anything harmful needs to be disconnected, removed, filtered … in order for a reharmonizing to take place. This is similar to discovering the harmful effects of sugar; the body will heal itself, best when we stop ingesting harmful substances.

29K subscribers to this Channel tells me this touches more than just me …

Detlev Obst

Detlev Obst

I am an explorer who started in Germany then moved to the USA β€” traveled the globe from Amsterdam β†’ Ubud β†’ Auckland β†’ Ayutthaya β†’ Vancouver β†’ Belo Horizonte π“†ƒπ“³π“…Ÿπ“ˆ—π“†Έπ“‹Ή
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