ThinkPad X220 BIOS Update via Debian 11

HOW TO update the BIOS on a ThinkPad X220

One of the best resources I’ve come across is this page for anything Thinkpad X220. There you’ll also find the link to download the latest Lenovo BIOS update. However after writing the ISO to several USB sticks, and updating the BIOS boot order, the system simply refused to boot from USB.

First things first, download the Bootable CD (ISO): see above link.

Then, with the help of a little more research I found that we need to convert the ISO and write the resulting image to a USB stick:

# apt install genisoimage
# genisoimage -o x220.img 8duj31us.iso
# blkid
# dd if=x220.img of=/dev/sdd bs=64K

Now boot the X220 with the newly written USB stick and follow the bouncing ball (onscreen instructions).

And if you did that correctly, then you didn’t brick your machine. Mine still works … { SMILE }

Godspeed ~