Transcending Activism

Transcending Activism
Samira Said – Kolena Ensan (Arabic with English subtitles)

A Warm-Hearted Message among so much “Nucking Futs” in this World

Life is about living from the heart and realizing a connection with all life (empathic, moral). When that is the case, appropriate behavior comes naturally. For all those living in their heads, written instructions (ethics) are needed which, as we can see, results in ideological & political friction and conflict, esp. in the absence of heart …

If there’s to be a hope of a future for our species, an internal shift is required.

How many times have I heard the quoted phrase:

Be the Change you wish to see in the World.


.. always wondered why there were no instructions or at least some thoughts to go with that message as to the HOW we’re supposed to do that. Have the authors elaborate.

In the end, intuitively, the answer is actually quite simple. That is, to look within, meditate, be honest and sincere with self, evaluate one’s own behavior and make incremental improvements. Make a point of being loving, understanding, patient and think at least equally of the other entities involved.

And there are instructions in this world, inspiring people and messages, such as sacred books, that can help along that path. My most recent reading is A Course in Miracles (ACIM).

Sadhguru from South India is another such inspiration.

The book just be by Suresh Ramaswamy is another great resource which very eloquently illucidates steps of meditation and HOW to release and resolve interfering energies within one’s self. Although that also goes with removing external interference patterns in some cases.

For those who are not willing to participate in looking within and exert some benevolent energy towards their own evolution, they get the world they’ve created and perpetuate that for everyone else as well.

True Activism is to do Inner Work First and Foremost.


One last thought: There were those who found knowledge that later developed into wisdom on their own. I’m thinking of Confucious, Buddha, … while I’m sure there are others, there’s only so much time in the day to devote to books else we don’t spend enough time living, eh!?

Then again, when one is a seeker of Truth, collaborating with these sages can turn into experiences of pleasant confirmation of one’s own revelations more so than a teaching of numerous examples.

PS: Although I still need to work on the “warm-hearted” to a more or lesser degree when it comes to writing, esp. since most of the people in this world who cause severe problems were not born yesterday. When I realize a good or better way of doing something, while realizing I am not a genius, I immediately expect everyone else to already have realized the same or at least take it in and eventually adopt it. Even if the message I convey is new to the reader, if not adopted, then the consequences of doing what is inappropriate are unnecessary for everyone involved! That is a conundrum I don’t know how to reconcile and that troubles me. It is not appropriate for one to force another … that’s what ideologies do, which are devoid of heart.