Paying Your Dues - Taxes

First off, the more responsibility the people in any geography or country take upon themselves, the less they have need for government which brings with it even less justification for paying taxes… So if we can think for ourselves and take responsible action, organize our activities so as to take care of our neighborhoods, villages, towns, etc. the less we have need to pay someone else to do it for us. (This is a very rough overview.)

In the meantime, I’d propose the following:

Anyone whose income is less than e.g. $35,000/yr, doesn’t pay taxes. Anyone who makes more than this, pays 15% out of their gross, monthly income, no deductions, no excuses, no paperwork, x number of years for records retention, no more grueling over tax law and counting the hairs on a gnat’s arse. Government in turn diverts 10% to federal and 5% to the state the individual resides in.

I’d love to hear what I’m overlooking and what others’ viewpoints might be. Why would this not work?

Oft when observing the news I wonder “why all this overcomplicated mumbo-jumbo”? Why are we constantly trying to cure cancers with band-aids? Rather than coming up with more laws and more revisions to an existing buggy system, such as coming up with ways for stimulating the economy and private enterprise, which in the end costs the already short-changed taxpayer even more sooner or later, why not simply leave more of our own hard-earned income in our hands (esp. for those who have to work for a living) so that we have the means ourselves to stimulate the economy?!

At the same time, people are required to be responsible with budgeting and neither waste nor live above their means… else no matter what is done to better any system, those who live in it must either actively and enthusiastically participate or the system fails.

Any improvements we make as a society, we must be united in it, having a common vision in order for progress and evolution to take place. That also means we have to transcend polarized thinking (e.g. black vs. white, democrat vs. republican)… instead develop a sensitivity in judgment which doesn’t take more than is needed, that gives something back, considering the benefit of the whole as well as the benefit of the one, connectedness in spirit as opposed to separateness which is a function of ego.

Analyze and understand a situation – consult [specialists] on options – synthesize the best solution with sincerity and selflessness.