how to make a better society

The Purpose of Leadership

A mature society is not one subjugated and under the duress of draconian systems and controls but one where mature entities fluidly collaborate intuitively and dynamically on resonant interests for the furtherance of understanding and evolution, invididually and collectively.

How to Live from the Heart

The article Goodbye, Columbus? Here’s what Indigenous Peoples’ Day means to Native Americans, peaqued my interest this morning as I read through the news. Native Americans have always been an inspiration when

OpenSource Movies

I love animations… and so far, among the best, aside from the big guns like Pixar which are excellent, are Final Fantasy (both) and Kaena the Prophecy. The latter, while watching “the making

Education - Priorities

One school chancellor has got the right idea, has the courage to make those ideas, no matter how unpopular, standard practice for the schools she oversees in Washington DC. I am really proud