Prebiotic Oral Health

Prebiotic Oral Health

As you might have either heard or read in recent years, the microbiome in your gut affects even your brain chemistry and how you feel about yourself and perhaps even clarity of thought. (NOTE to Self: find supportive articles) Now take a step back and look at the microbiome in the mouth. Rather than rewriting what’s already been written, take a look at the article by Toms of Maine (toothpaste – and no, this is not an affiliate link; it’s meant to educate).

Symbiotic community of helpful and harmful microbes.
.. nutrients that promote the growth of preexisting good bacteria.
.. foods that contain microorganisms.

Since I’ve had an infected mouth in the past, I was perplexed that no dentist in my past had ever even mentioned a prebiotic approach to oral health! Instead we’re given a mouthwash to kill bacteria … ALL bacteria, which is counter-productive. 😒

The above article instead points out that when one fosters helpful bacteria by facilitating a conducive environment, these then crowd out harmful bacteria and naturally prevent the forming of plaque and cavities as well as support proper pre-/digestion. (NOTE to Self: do a bit more reading esp. on the crowding out concept here …)

To delve more deeply into the subject, here are a couple of articles that I will also delve into more deeply, even if I feel the practical jist of it has already been covered above.

For one, I’m a strong proponent of living healthy and responsibly by surrounding myself with natural fibers, substances and creating hence a natural environment within which to thrive and experience overall wellness. If one can eat healthy for example, the chances of contracting dysfunction and disease is vastly decreased! So the more we know about HOW TO be healthy … that’s a no-brainer, right?!

This writing is meant to be a highlight and convey the simple concept of how to harness a healthy fauna of microorganisms for the purpose of good health, it is not meant to be exhaustive. Do your own research.

infographic about gut bacteria
Microbiomes and their Effects on human physiology.