Detlev Obst

Detlev Obst

I am an explorer who started in Germany then moved to the USA — traveled the globe from Amsterdam → Ubud → Auckland → Ayutthaya → Vancouver → Belo Horizonte.

Ambiance for Clarity

There are some sound and musical sequences that can really touch the soul. Some even take you beyond this primitive human milieu and remind you of a vast superset of reality that, once connected, …

Song of the Starling

I've never heard the sound of a Starling until I saw this post today ... Life on this planet is absolutely extraordinary, there are so many wondrous phenomena to discover and appreciate!

Siren's Song to Evoke Your Monad

Our monad, the indivisible and eternal Life within us, explores, maybe forever, different realms in the multiverse to glean life experience ...

Virginia - Locals in Training

I’d never dreamed to find Washington DC interesting at all since I have little interest in politics and the legalistic, bureaucratic convolution that trails behind it, and the resultant headache it gives me. But once we got there and I looked at some of what America would call “old” …